Youths Jumping Off Roof Into Pool – So What Can Go Wrong?


Jumping off a roof into a pool might seem like a good idea to some, but this video will definitely prove you wrong. This video went viral in 2013 but remains relevant to this day, gathering so much popularity that it was reported on by various news channels, and is still circulating the internet.

The video shows a teenager successfully making the leap between the roof of a residential home in Arizona into a backyard pool. Two girls, holding hands, then attempt to make the leap. One of the girl’s lands safely in the water, while the other definitely does not.

The girl hesitates and doesn’t jump, falling onto the concrete feet-first, breaking both of her feet. The girl in the video is Nicole Easton, who was nineteen at the time, said to The Western News that she “though it would be fun, (and) was pressured into it”

The video was actually posted by Easton’s mother, who later set up a fundraiser to help pay for her daughter’s medical expenses. This caused a stir online as many felt that the mother was ‘irresponsible’ for both letting her daughter jump from their roof, and later posting the video online.


The fundraiser asked for $4,200 in donations, but was later cancelled by Nicole when she saw the amount of backlash that consequently occurred.

While the original video has been removed, there are several other cases of people breaking their feet while attempting similar feats.

Just last month a video, shot on a GoPro emerged of a man jumping from the roof a three story building in a pool. While he missed the pool only slightly, this man also broke both of his feet as a result.

Everyone wants to beat the summer heat, but if this video tells you anything, it’s that jumping into the pool from the roof is never a good idea.

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