This Woman Gets Caught Stealing, Listen To Her Excuse


If you’re going to steal from someone’s car, the first thing that you should probably do is make sure that the car’s owner isn’t standing right behind you. The woman in the video learned this lesson the hard way as she rummages through a man’s car, completely unaware that the owner is filming her. The woman in the turquoise dress searches through the black Volkswagen for the first minute of the video, and emerges with her arms full of the owner’s possessions.

Once the woman notices she is being filmed, the owner of the car demands she puts all of her things back. The man filming attracts the attention of a passerby as he is loudly cursing (WARNING: high degree of obscene cussing used in this video – I probably would too under the same circumstances!) at the failed thief.

The woman appears to speak limited English, and the woman passing attempts to communicate with the thief, who continues to mention her son and a smashed window, while not explaining why she was rummaging through a stranger’s car.

The man filming says he is calling the police before the video ends, but is unknown whether the woman was apprehended.


Here is another case of a criminal being caught on camera. This incident occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2015 when a man was pacing outside a petrol station before he decided to go inside and hold up at the attendant at the front counter.

What made this incident stand out as one of the greatest armed robbery failures, is that the man holding up the store decided to disguise himself with a transparent plastic bag. Incredibly, this is not the first time that someone has decided to ‘disguise themselves’ with transparent bag – The same thing happened in Illinois in 2014.

Getting caught on camera while trying to commit a robbery is already enough of a bad idea, but trying to disguise yourself with a clear plastic bag will always land you a position on the list of the dumbest criminals ever.[mashshare]

Once again please be aware of the obscene language in this video!

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