Awww, Look At The Cute … Wild Animal ..!


It’s not new knowledge that wild, untamed animals can sometimes be unpredictable, but these daring humans decided to test out the limits of some natural wildlife – and paid the consequences. Have a look at this compilation by FailArmy showing some of the times that wildlife went a little crazy…

Have a look at the clip at 29 seconds into the video, where a man looks like he is attempting to pet some wild swans, and the swans do not react well to the human invading their territory. One of the birds immediately begins flapping its wings and charging towards the man. The swan attaches to the man by biting the end of the man’s shirt and starts pecking at him until this curious man gets the message about not messing with wild birds, no matter how innocent they may seem.

Next check out the clip at 1:28, showing a woman who is definitely getting way too close to a couple of rhino’s. I guess this woman didn’t realize that rhinos can be pretty vicious, as one of the animals picks the woman up by the horn on its nose, and throws her slightly into the air. It doesn’t seem like the woman is hurt, but it’s definitely a reminder of how unpredictable wild animals can be, even in captivity.

Have a look at the tiger at 1:47 at a zoo, when a curious onlooker decides to bait the tiger with a small, stuffed tiger toy on the end of a stick. The tiger immediately attacks and pulls the toy into its enclosure. It’s hard to imagine what the tourist expected to happen, but it definitely put on a good show for the zoo-goers.


Check out the rest of the compilation for some more crazy, unpredictable animal mishaps.[mashshare]

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