What’s Wrong With This Picture?


It is common knowledge that when an eagle is seen circling in the sky it is looking for prey, and will eventually swoop down when it sees its next meal.

This is usually mice, fish and other small animals. However, it is less common, and probably unprecedented for an eagle to attempt to snatch a baby.

In a video which went viral in 2012 and has received over nine million views, a Canadian man is filming an eagle circling over what appears to be a residential park in Montreal.

The eagle swoops down and collects the baby by sinking its talons in the back of the infant’s jacket before flying upwards again. The baby is carried only for a couple of seconds and is dropped before the eagle fly’s further than a yard into the air.


However, as soon as the video began gaining attention there was a lot of speculation about whether or not the video was real or edited.

Looking closely at the shadows of the eagle and the baby reveal that the video is a hoax, as the baby’s shadow clearly disappears as it is taken into the air.

In reality, the video was a student project made by three French-Canadian students at a computer training school in Montreal. The students were working on 3D animation, and their project was to create a viral video.

The three students, Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin spoke to CBC News, saying that as animals and babies were so popular online, they combined the two to make a successful viral video.

If the student’s videos gained over 100,000 views online, they would receive a perfect score for their efforts.

While the students might have failed when it comes to making the public believe their video was real, with five million views on their video, it is safe to say they received a perfect score.[mashshare]

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