The Things That Cause These Wedded Bliss Moments To Very Quickly Become A Wedded Miss Are Awesome


A wedding day is said to be one of the best days in a person’s life, and tying the knot is a defining point in a relationship, so when something goes wrong on a wedding day, it can be fairly catastrophic for the bride, groom and their guests. Check out this compilation by FailArmy of some crazy wedding day mishaps.

Look at the wedding party one minute into the video. Eight bridesmaids, twelve groomsmen and the bride and groom are all standing on a jetty over a lake to take their wedding day pictures when everyone hears an ominous snapping sound. The jetty begins to break entirely under the weight of the wedding party, submerging almost all of them, including the bride and groom!

Or look at the groomsmen climbing onto an old brick windmill at 1:25, as one of the groomsmen are climbing up he is hit by one of the arms of the windmill and falls to the ground, probably scarring his face and the wedding pictures trying to pull that stunt.

Beach weddings also prove to be a bit of a risk at 1:40, as a wave crashes through the venue completely.


But if this video shows anything, it’s that catching the bouquet is surprisingly the most dangerous wedding tradition. Almost every second video features someone getting knocked out of the way or wiped out completely in the fight to win the coveted bouquet.

If these wedding fails are any representation of how wedding days might go, it proves that no matter how many months of planning go into the big day, some accidents just can’t be avoided. [mashshare]

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