Trump Supporters Trumped


2016 was a turbulent year in the political world, and at the center of the madness was, of course, the 45th U.S President, Donald Trump. It seemed like Trump made worldwide headlines every single day as new controversial comments emerged, and many of his comments became the talk of the entire world, and the comparisons of Trump to some of history’s most infamous dictators were quickly made.

A comedian decided to test the loyalty of Trump supporters by asking them to respond to certain comments made by Donald Trump. The trick of this social experiment was that the Trump comments were actually statements made by Adolf Hitler.

Some of the statements read out by the comedian included:

“Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice” and “Who says I (“Trump”) am not under the special protection of God”.


The comments were defended and supporters by the featured Trump supporters before the comedian revealed that the comments they were responding to were made by Hitler.

One of the featured supporters seemed to regret her loyalty, saying that she disagreed with racism, and saw the fault in the comments she previously supporters. On the other hand, another supporter insisted that the comments were not made by Hitler, and said he was still a supporter of Donald Trump.

One supporter said “If Trump said (the comments), I would support them”.

The video was posted by the YouTube account SoFlo, who frequently posts prank videos and stages social experiments and has gathered two million views since it was posted last year.

This social experiment displays the craziness of the political world in 2016 and definitely shows how blind loyalty can be a great failure.

Who knows if this video will still be spoken about in the years to come? [mashshare]

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