How This Good Samaritan Is Treated For His Good Deed


Instant karma can be incredibly satisfying and recently hundreds of videos have emerged of drivers receiving a healthy dose of instant karma for their dangerous and blatantly stupid antics on the road.

The driver in this video has now become immortalized on the internet for his lack of respect and sheer stupidity after leaving both his wallet and his mobile phone on the roof of his car after stopping at a gas station.

The driver pulls away from the gas station in front of the motorcyclist, who recorded the incident through a GoPro attached to his helmet. Once the motorcyclist notices that the driver has lost his wallet, he begins chasing the driver down to return the item.

The good Samaritan even drives right through a roundabout just to get the drivers attention, and when he finally succeeds, the motorcyclist is not well-received at all. The driver turns in his seat to give the motorcyclist a rude gesture before it is realized that the good Samaritan is trying to return the lost wallet.


The driver immediately pulls over and begins to thank the motorcyclist, obviously regretting his prior actions.

The motorcyclist throws the wallet through the window before he realizes that somehow, the drivers iPhone has managed to stick the roof. The motorcyclist picks up the iPhone and waves it in front of the driver’s face before he throws it in the air and lets the phone smash against the concrete, before speeding away and leaving the driver to accept the impact of his behavior.

If you want to avoid the same failure that this driver endured, take a new note out of this driver’s book and keep your wallet in your pocket. [mashshare]

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