So Much Skill, Yet So Much Spill


It seems that in recent years, internet inhabitants have made it their mission to out-do each other when it comes to doing extremely stupid things for the sake of attention on the internet and their own fifteen minutes of fame.

This compilation by The Best Fails features people who are trying to join in on the parkour and free running craze, where by you basically jump from roof to roof and (attempt to) pull off stunts across a city landscape.

The guy at the start of the video sets the bar pretty high when it comes to acting like an idiot. He attempts to jump from roof to roof, hoping to clear a gap that looks to be somewhere just over six feet in length.

Of course, this goes horribly wrong as the man in the video grabs onto the ledge with the tips of his fingers, before falling to the ground from the height of a three-story building, and amazingly manages to get up and indicate that he is perfectly fine and uninjured.


The next man, at 0.15 seconds into the video, almost immediately out-shines the first with his phenomenal parkour fail.

He attempts to leap-frog from ledge to ledge to then spring forward and land on a roof on the other side of a small water-filled chasm. He almost makes it, and manages to cling to the roof for a short second before gracelessly tumbling into the water.

The video continues on with people trying, and failing, to pull off impressive stunts. Even if these amateur free runners don’t manage to land successful stunts, they have at least provided some quality entertainment.[mashshare]

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