What Do These Brothers Do To Their Sister, Presenting Imminent Doom


It is fair to say that not many people have been convinced that the world is under attack due to a zombie apocalypse, but Millicent Phillips has. Millicent’s two older brothers took the opportunity to convince their sister of a zombie outbreak after she woke up from general anesthesia from wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Taking place in Leesburg, Virginia, the video shows one of the brothers driving Millicent home after surgery and playing a fake public service announcement on the radio where a “viral outbreak warning” is announced.

To further convince Millicent of a viral outbreak, after the announcement plays, even the sibling’s mother joins in on the prank, warning them to get home immediately.

Once the car stops, the two brothers begin loading the car with equipment, and making their sister choose between pets and other household items, convincing her that the rest must be left behind.


The video was posted to one of the brothers YouTube accounts last year and has since received over 22 million views. The video was shown so much support that the siblings later appeared on The Ellen Show, and various other news channels, to talk about their viral video.

The internet is full of thousands of videos of people waking up from wisdom teeth removal surgery, but while talking to Ellen DeGeneres, the brothers explained that they wanted to make a video for the family to watch and laugh at for years to come.

They explained that the prank took thirty minutes to plan, which included making a false public service announcement, and even calling the dental office to convince them to get in on the joke.

22 million views later, the brothers can rest assured that their prank was a successful, and both their family and the rest of the internet will be laughing about their inventive joke for years to come. [mashshare]

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