Pets Being Pets In A “Mishap-py” Sort Of Way


Everyone loves their pets, but they can do some pretty crazy things. These pet-lovers managed to record some crazy fails with their pets. Check out some of these clips in this FailArmy compilation.

The first video shows a pet-owner making her three dogs wait for a treat. The two large dogs and one small dog are waiting patiently until their owner instructs them to eat their treats, but as soon as she does this the small dog takes his treat as well as the other two, and then runs away. Looks like the biggest isn’t always the strongest in this case.

Check out the video at eleven seconds into the video, showing an unlikely pet sneaking up on two dogs. The two dogs are sitting by the entrance of a house when a lion cub decides to sneak up on the dogs. One of the dogs turns its head, and as soon as it looks back it sees the cub right beside it. It yelps and runs away, but the question that might be on everyone’s mind here, is how these people managed to get their hands on a lion cub …

Have a look at the video at 3:27, where a mailman is trying to a deliver some mail to a house that he knows quite well. He begins recording the house as he tries to deliver the mail, saying “this is the house I was talking about”. As soon as she tries to put the mail through the slot on the door, a cat immediately begins attacking the incoming letters and the mailman, before pulling the mail inside with its claws. I’m sure that isn’t the easiest house to deliver to for this mailman.


Check out the rest of the videos for some more great pet fails and mishaps![mashshare]

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