Ouch … That’s Going To Be Expensive!


At times, we have all accidentally broken something due a lack of foresight, but hopefully whatever is broken isn’t going to break your bank account at the same time. For the people in these videos compiled by FailArmy, they’re lack of forethought is definitely going to cost them … big time!

Check out the first clip at 39 seconds into the video. It shows someone in a Range Rover trying their hand at stunt driving, as they try to reverse and turn into a residential driveway. Unfortunately, as they try to turn the car flips over and rolls, throwing what looks to be a speaker out the back window and smashing the glass as it falls. It’s safe to say that this person learned to keep the stunt-driving to the professionals.

Next have a look at the video at 1:02 showing a man on a pier who puts his laptop on the railing over the water – anyone can tell how this is going to go. The man quickly loses his grip and the laptop goes tumbling into the water. It seems easily avoidable, as there is no fixing that level of water-damage.

Check out the clip at 2:05 where a woman is filming an angry bull that is loose in the streets. The bull has his anger set on a parked motorcycle as he proceeds to absolutely destroy the vehicle. Unfortunately for the driver, there was no way anyone could predict this bull’s hatred for motorcycles.


Lastly check out the clip at 2:53 showing a display shelf full full of hundreds of different phones. Slowly the entire shelf tips forward and all the phones are crushed and likely destroyed. Tech-lovers might want to look away, because that clip is hard to watch.

Check out the rest of the video for some hilarious – yet cringe-worthy – mishaps that have led to some very expensive mistakes.[mashshare]

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