You Need To See What Causes This Car To Flip


Nature can be very cruel and if science has shown us anything, it proves that when it comes to people vs nature, nature is always going to be the winner of that fight. Check out these hilarious people vs nature clips in this compilation by FailArmy.

Check out the little girl in the first video who is trying to go inside her house on a very windy day. A home-security camera captures the moment that the little girl in blown away as she clings onto the screen-door. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like the little girl was hurt.

Have a look at the next clip at 10 seconds into the video showing a man parachuting down the slope of a mountain. Within seconds the man slams straight into a tall pine tree and it looks like he falls all the way down. This parachuter should definitely take his antics to a clearer airspace next time.

Next check out the girl at 2:28 who looks like she is trying to hand-feed fish from the deck where she is sitting. The fish that she is trying to feed seem fairly small but out of nowhere a huge fish jumps out of the water and bites down on the woman’s whole hand. This woman definitely bit off more than she could chew.


Lastly have a look at the video at 5:40 to see the moment that a huge tree collapses against a car and a house and takes all of the roots out with it. The residents definitely lost against nature in this scenario.

You won’t believe the power of the wind when you see a car lift up and fly through the air, just like it a toy made from plastic.

Check out the rest of the video to see the times that wind, lightning, rain and waves have shown just how powerful they can be.[mashshare]

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