These Drunken Mishaps Are Mind-Boggling


With Saint Patrick’s day having just passed for another year, it’s a good time to look back at some of the best documented moments of intoxicated people doing outrageous things. This compilation by FailArmy shows some of the best moments to look at from the St Patrick’s day season.

A classic example of drinking gone wrong can be seen at 48 seconds into the video. Opening a champagne bottle with a knife is a pretty common and impressive party trick, but it can go very wrong very easily. As this man is trying to open the bottle, he manages to slice the top off the bottle entirely, spilling it everywhere. Maybe next time, he should just use the cork to pop open the champagne.

The guy at 1:22 takes stupid to a whole new level. He appears to be filling his cheeks with a liquor as a friend holds a lighter out over a sink. The man leans down and spits out the liquor. Of course this does not end well at all. A huge fire erupts, probably burning them both in the process and leaving a vicious flame in the sink.

Drunken stupidity comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, too, and sometimes showing off can leave you with some serious injuries. The man at 1:50 is standing on top of giant metal structures in the shape of letters. He attempts to jump from one letter to the other, only to slip and fall at least six feet on top of a metal plank. By the painful sound of his body hitting the metal, it’s fair to say that an ambulance was probably called shortly after.


If this fail compilation reminds you of anything, it’s the good, old fashioned saying …

Drink responsibly.[mashshare]

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