These Frogs Are Mesmerized By Phone … You Won’t Believe What They Try And Do


In the technological age, phones have become a huge part of our lives, so let’s look at some of the biggest phone-related fails in this compilation by FailArmy.

Check out the first video where a man is attempting to jump over a crevice. He manages to make it to the other side, but his tablet falls out of his pocket as he lands and slides right between the cracks in the rocks, failing down the crevice.

The next video is even worse… A man is standing on a bridge taking a photo of the scenery when a girl records a ‘smack-cam’, which is when someone slaps an unsuspecting victim and records it. Only this girl does not hit the man taking pictures, but instead hits his phone straight out of his hands. The phone goes flying off the bridge and lands in the water. I don’t think anyone would see the joke in that prank.

Or check out the girls at 3:40 who are recording a rollercoaster ride with their phone. It’s unsurprising that they don’t manage to hold onto the phone when the ride gets rocky, and it falls from the ride to the ground, but is still recording when a stranger picks it up!


The next video to check out, at 5:20, is a pretty famous phone fail. This video takes place in Perth, Australia, where a news team is interviewing the young man who was the first to buy the first iPhone. They are recording him open the box when the phone falls out and hits the concrete. Hopefully that brand new phone wasn’t damaged too much, but it made for a great fail!

Watch the entire video to see some other great phone-related mishaps.[mashshare]


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