Man Versus Machine … And The Winner Is ..?


Everyone has heard of the expression ‘man versus machine’, but this compilation by FailArmy takes that expression to a new level by showcasing some of the worst fails of humans trying to conquer machines and technological gadgets.

The first clip shows a woman trying to ride a hoverboard by doing a handstand. These machines work by moving depending on where the rider distributes their weight to make the wheels either go forward or backward. This woman doesn’t manage to go forward at all, but instead quickly reverses and falls into the family Christmas tree. I guess feet-first is the safer way to go…

Next check out the clip at forty seconds into the video. A man is recording his hoverboard after it catches fire. A lot of smoke is coming from the wheels when it somehow erupts in a great ball of fire, almost exploding completely. Both the police and firefighters turn up to stop the blaze, and as the owner says that is “six-hundred dollars down the drain’.

Have a look at the elderly couple trying to conquer a slanted escalator at 1:36. They are trying to make their way up the escalator slowly, only to realize that they are trying to walk up the down-escalator. They only seem to realize this when a whole family makes their way down the escalator besides them. Then again, they may have been trying to exercise…


Let this compilation serve as a reminder that the man verses machine war is definitely yet to be won, and humans are on the losing side by the looks of these insane technological mishaps.[mashshare]

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