What This Man Does To Save His Dog Being Strangled By Kangaroo Will Shock You


For a lot of people, the Australian Kangaroo is known as the famed jumping animal of “Down Under”, but they are much less known for sometimes being aggressive towards other animals and even humans when they come too close.

This crazy close-encounter might change some people’s minds as to how they view kangaroos after an Australian man captured the wild animal seemingly strangling his dog by holding it by the neck in an Australian country town in New South Wales.

The dog’s owner immediately runs over and causes the kangaroo to lose grip, releasing the dog who seems to be unharmed.

The animal springs up on its hind legs, looking as though it might attack the dog owner, but the man incredulously punches the kangaroo directly in the face. Even the kangaroo seems shocked by this, staring at the man before jumping away only moments later.


This video was posted late in 2016 and has since received over 40 million views.

According to News.com.au the man in the video is Greig Tonkins, who works as zookeeper at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in country New South Wales, and there has since been some controversy regarding the video, which was captured when Tonkins and several of his friends were filming a hunting trip for their friend who was dealing with a terminal illness.

PETA Australia condemned the actions of the zookeeper, saying what he did was neither “funny or brave. It is illegal, as is harassing native wildlife with dogs”.

Despite the harassment Tonkins has received, his employer at Taronga Zoo said that there was “no suggestion” that Tonkins would lose his position over the video.

While the controversy surrounding this video has died down in recent months, it should serve as a reminder for tourists that Australia’s wildlife may not be as cute and cuddly as it appears.[mashshare]

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