Man In Chimp Suit Treated Like Real Ape


Tama Zoological Park in the city of Hino in the west of Tokyo has some bizarre training exercises. Earlier this year, the zoo simulated a seemingly strange emergency situation where a gorilla may accidentally escape from its enclosure in the case of an earthquake.

Of course, this exercise didn’t include a real gorilla. Instead, the gorilla was substituted by a man in a gorilla-suit, who roamed the park playing the part of the escaped primate.

While this scenario may seem comical to some, according to Japankyo, the exercise was taken extremely seriously. Over 100 members of staff took part in the drill, including firefighters and police officers, all trying to subdue the rogue gorilla.

Even the man in the gorilla suit was taking his role incredibly seriously, as he appeared to approach and pretend to injure members of staff as they endeavored to capture him.


The video shows members of staff recreating a barricade of bodies, all holding onto a large net to trap and subdue the animal, while onlookers and guests to the park are heard laughing and taking photos of the strange “disaster drill”.

After fifty minutes of unsuccessfully trying to capture the gorilla using nets, the drill takes a serious turn as a tranquilizer dart is used to subdue to the man in the gorilla suit, and finish the exercise.

Although this video only shows a simulation of a scenario where an animal escapes it’s enclosure, it has proven to be a possible occurrence. Sendai Zoo in Japan experienced an escaped chimpanzee last year in April after zoo keepers noticed that one of their four chimpanzees was missing early in the afternoon.

The chimpanzee, named Chacha, was later found moving along powerlines in a residential area and a tranquilizer dart was required to recapture it. With wayward primates like that, it is no wonder Tama Zoo is now known for its unusual disaster drills.

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