Live On-Air Interview From Home … So What Can Go Wrong?


One thing that a lot of parents will tell you is that children can be very unpredictable at times. So if you’re ever doing something really important – like you’re doing an interview for BBC News, you might want to make sure that your children can’t interrupt you.

Professor Robert Kelly was speaking live on-air to BBC News about the impeachment of the president of South Korea. The interview was being conducted in Kelly’s home office in Ohio, and it quickly became obvious that he had forgotten to lock the door.

One of Kelly’s children opens the door and crashes the interview, while Kelly desperately tries to keep his composure. That is when his youngest child rolls into the room seated in what appears to be a baby bouncer.

Kelly attempted to gently push one of his children out of the way when the interviewer comments, “I think one of your children have just walked in”.


As soon as Kelly’s wife notices that their children have interrupted the interview she almost slams through the door as she tries to discreetly remove the children while attempting to stay out of frame.

Kelly expressed that he was embarrassed about the interruption from his children, one who is four and the other who is nine-months-old, but said that the family thought it was “hilarious”.

Kelly’s mother, Ellen Kelly, spoke out to say that the children frequently spoke to their grandparents over skype, and most likely thought that their father was only on skype to their grandparents.

No matter what the children were thinking when they walked in the room, the damage has clearly already been done as this video, which has received over 12 million views, will forever be known as the great BBC interview fail.[mashshare]

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