What Does This Girl Do That Causes The Judge To “Throw The Book” At Her?


Having an attitude will never get you very far in life, so when it lands you in a courtroom, you should probably leave the attitude at the door. Eighteen-year-old, Penelope Soto learnt that lesson the hard way when her defiance and bad behavior in the courtroom landed her in further trouble.

The judge, Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, set her bail at five thousand dollars, but after the teen walks away and says ‘adios’ with a happy grin after she brags about the amount of expensive jewelry she owns, the judge decides that the original sentence is not enough to deter and punish the teenager, who was charged with possession of prescription drugs.

The judge calls her back, doubling her bail to ten thousand dollars.

After hearing the sentence, the judge gives Soto, she walks away and flashes him her middle finger and curses at him. Immediately, the judge calls the teenager back and sentences her to thirty days in a county jail.


Penelope Soto is not the first, and won’t be the last, young offender to make poor choices in the courtroom and suffer the consequences. 24-year-old Zachariah Craft flipped a table while receiving his sentence and was then taken to an isolated holding cell. His reaction is almost surprising, considering that was his seventh trip to prison.

Soto finished her prison time and later apologized for her actions, admitting to being under the influence of alcohol and drugs on the day of her sentencing, and that she regrets her actions.

Penelope Soto’s time in the courtroom makes it very clear that giving attitude to the person deciding your future is never a good idea. Not only has she made herself a laughing stock, with over 16 million people seeing her viral court video, but her actions have gone down as one of the biggest courtroom failures of all time.[mashshare]

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