When Instant Karma Goes Awry …


Instant karma can be very satisfying. Sometimes people do stupid, dangerous things and pay the price straight away, and the documented examples of these cases are among the most popular and viral videos on the internet.

This compilation by FailArmy shows some great examples of when people instantly pay the price for their dangerous actions.

The first video shows a cyclist attempting to overtake the cyclist in front of him by swerving into a lane of traffic. The driver who he intercepts beeps at the cyclist for his dangerous change into the driving lane, to which the cyclist turns around, gives the driver a rude gesture and then swears at him. In an act of instant justice, the cyclist loses control of the bike and slams into an elevated garden.

Look at what happens 38 seconds into the video. A group of men appear to trigger an air-bag to explode. The wheel shoots into the air and for a moment, none of them are able to locate where the wheel has gone. That is, until the wheel smashes into the windshield of their car, smashing it into hundreds of pieces.


In another driving related incident, at 1:08, a driver captures on dash cam the moment that someone attempts to drive directly across two lanes of traffic to cross a double-line division, colliding with the man with the dash cam in the process.

Lucky for the man who captured this incident, only a couple of cars ahead is a police van there to reprimand the idiotic driver.

The rest of the compilation is filled with clips of people getting exactly what they deserve after their dangerous and just plain stupid actions. When the videos are this funny and enjoyable to watch, it’s no wonder that they’re among the most popular videos on the internet.[mashshare]

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