What Happens When This Husband-To-Be Is Tested On Wedding Day


When deciding to prank someone, always keep in mind that things could take a bad turn very quickly. That is what happened to a Chinese bride after she decided to play a prank on her fiancé, which was not well received at all.

In 2014, Qing Kao from Shenzen, China decided to test the loyalty of her soon-to-be husband on the day of their pre-wedding photoshoot. To this, Kao had a makeup artist transform her into an elderly version of herself, allowing her fiancé to see what she would look like in her elderly years.

The fiancé, Guo Chien, clearly did not see the humor in the prank and a heated argument ensued. Their arguing and screaming became so loud that a crowd gathered around the couple to film the bizarre scene.

It resulted in Chien storming off and leaving his would-be bride in the street, crying inconsolably. Not only did Chien leave the photoshoot, but abandoned the marriage entirely.


Kao was spoken to by a reporter following the incident. She said that her fiancé was a “womanizer” and that he’d had several relationships in the past. She explained that her prank was designed to test if he would still be devoted to her even in her old age.

If Kao wanted to test his devotion to her, she clearly got her answer.

This video is in Chinese, but you don’t need to understand what is being said to work out what’s going on.

Another similar story circulated the internet about a man suing his wife after their children turned out to be ugly. Chinese man, Jian Feng, sued his wife and forced her to admit to having over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery, and demanded a divorce.

The Huffington Post, reports that Feng said that the couple had been having marital issues since the birth of their daughter, saying “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me”.

It seems like these women picked the wrong husbands.[mashshare]

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