Facebook Rant By Teen – How Dad Reacts Will Amaze You


The internet is called ‘The Web’ for a reason. Once something is posted, it’s never going to go away and what you say and do is available for anyone to see – including family members.

One father, Tommy Jordan, decided to take to the internet to teach his fifteen-year-old daughter, Hannah, a lesson about respect and online etiquette.

Hannah apparently attempted to block her parents on social media websites to prevent them from seeing her rebellious rant, but painfully learned that her father could still see everything that she was writing and positing.

Hannah wrote a lengthy rant on Facebook where she addressed her parents, saying “I’m not your damn slave…”. She continued to list the chores she was made to do by her parents while making some other disrespectful comments, as read by her father in the video.


When Tommy Jordan moves the camera, he shows his daughters laptop in the dirt saying, “That right there is your laptop… and this is my 45” (a powerful handgun). Jordan proceeds to shoot eight holes through his daughter’s laptop, using “exploding hollow-point rounds”.

The video has received an incredible forty-one million views and serves as a reminder for anyone else daring to make risky posts on Facebook about the possible consequences of their actions.

Both Tommy and Hannah Jordan later made multiple news appearances together and spoke about the viral video. Tommy said he believed it was his duty to make his children into “fully functioning, mature adults” and that the video was a lesson in “tough love”.

Hannah positively said that her family now spoke more after the incident, and that it had “made things better”.

Hannah’s rebellious post says a lot about how visible your words are online, and saying too much can clearly be one of your greatest failures, for both Hannah and her laptop.[mashshare]

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