You Won’t Believe How This Home Invasion Prank Backfires


There are a lot of prank videos on the internet, and they can come in all shapes and sizes as people try to fool their friends with a good, old fashioned prank. However, when it comes to protecting your home, it’s understandable that people might become pretty defensive.

GamingWithKev is a YouTuber with over 1.2 million subscribers, who is mostly known for his gaming videos. He and the wife of the prank victim decide to stage a fake home invasion on their victim, Chris.

Chris’s wife sets up hidden cameras around their house as Kev and a friend, both dressed in black with balaclavas, prepare to stage the prank.

The two men enter the house without notifying the unaware residents and begin unplugging and hiding electronics to set the scene for the victim of their prank.


Once Chris and his wife emerge they are both immediately threatened with fake guns and made to kneel on the ground.

Chris seems to be attempting to negotiate with the “invaders” when Kev takes off his mask and reveals the prank.

Unfortunately for Kev, Chris doesn’t see the humor in the prank. He walks off immediately, telling his wife that she’s “sleeping on the couch”.

The two men say to Chris, who is clearly upset and unhappy about being the victim of a cruel prank, to “stop being salty”.

To Chris’s defense, I think we would all be pretty angry if our friends pretended to invade our homes.  So, even if the prank didn’t fail, it certainly went horribly wrong when it came to strengthening their friendship.[mashshare]

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