Gymnastics … It’s Not As Easy As It Looks, As These Guys Discover


Being a gymnast can’t be easy. The technique that goes into the stunts, tumbles and turns must be challenging, so it’s only reasonable that sometimes, things don’t exactly go to plan.

The Best Fails compiled a collection of some of the greatest gymnastic mishaps for our enjoyment.

The first girl in the video makes, what seems to be, a very easy mistake. While on the bars, performing impressive spins, she attempts to leap from bar to bar only to face plant into the mats.

Sometimes, it seems like these gymnasts want to injure themselves. Look at the two guys at 1:32. One man is standing on top of the gymnastics vault, while another seemingly attempts to leap through his open legs. As you might be able to guess, it doesn’t end well.


In another mishap with the vault. A female gymnast at 2:19 attempts to take on the vault. As she tries to leap onto the vault, she seems to slip slightly, causing her to slam headlong into the instrument. From the noise it makes, it sounds like it hurt, too.

The girl directly after, at 2:23, is a gymnastic tumbler. One major concern when it comes to tumbling on a mat is either losing focus or confidence in the middle of a stunt. This girl, midway through a backflip, loses footing and lands directly on her neck.

The compilation definitely shows the dangers that come with the sport. Whether it’s a broken neck, broken ribs or just broken pride, this certainly shows that gymnasts deserve a lot more bravery for what they’re doing… even when it fails.[mashshare]

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