The Answers This Guy Gives To Police Will Crack You Up


The typical response to being pulled over by the police is probably fear. You might worry about whether you had been speeding, or whether your brake lights had gone out, but Clinton Smith’s response has gone down as one of the biggest failures, and most legendary, responses to being questioned by police.

The video comes from an Australian police patrol show as two officers are called to investigate a car accident. As they approach the scene they find a car parked on top of one of the curbs of a car park, finding a very nonchalant Clinton Smith inside.

When being questioned about the car accident, the driver just replies that he is just “waiting for a mate” while being parked on top of the curb, with his car already being “smashed” from other accidents, according to the reporting officer.

The video gained online popularity as soon as the episode aired and the phrase “I’m just waiting for a mate” began appearing all over the internet as a way of explaining bad behavior.


During the video Smith’s explanation as to how he got into such an awkward position with his car gets better and better, even if his ability to convince the police officer continues to fail.

When Smith is asked why his front bumper is hanging off the front of his car, and why his windshield has been smashed, he continues to respond with the now classic phrase, “I’m just waiting for a mate.”

While this video might make Clinton Smith an Australian icon when it comes to handling police questioning, it doesn’t get him much further than the backseat of a police car.

If this video teaches you anything, it’s that “I’m just waiting for a mate” might go down as a classic Australian phrase, but it will fail you in the courtroom.[mashshare]

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