When Stupidity Goes Up – Gravity Will Bring You Down … With A Thud!


For some people, gravity can sometimes be very inconvenient. For people trying to balance over treacherous drops, lakes of water or just people trying to pull-off some impressive – or stupid – stunts, gravity can be a harsh reminder of the pain and embarrassment that can come with risky maneuvers. FailArmy has compiled some great clips showcasing some of the times that gravity has not been quite so friendly.

Check out the first clip at 32 seconds into the video, showing a man who is attempting to run on a set of stilts, and he is clearly no professional. As soon as he begins running he leans his weight too far forward and is instantly on a path for failure as he falls forward and slams straight into a car, and by the sound of the collision, this man won’t be testing out stilts in the near future.

Next have a look at the motorcyclist at 1:30. There are not really any words for this level of stupidity, as the motorcyclist in this video attempts to stand on top of the bike-seat while his motorcycle is still racing down the road. Obviously, this doesn’t end too well as the driver slams onto the road, hopefully learning a valuable lesson on the way, too.

In another stilts-related injury, have a look at the clip at 5:43. This skateboarder is attempting to skate down a quarter-pipe ramp while wearing a pair of stilts. It seems pretty clear that this is not destined to end well, and as soon as this skating stilt-walker attempts to slide forward, he pays for it by falling face-first into the concrete.


Check out the rest of the video for some more insane gravity fails, reminding us again of how humans will never be able to beat the natural power of science.[mashshare]

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