No Kidding Around … This Is Goat Madness


Ever since the internet fell in love with screaming goat and screaming goat remixes in 2013, there has been a new appreciation for all the crazy, ridiculous things that goats do. Check out this compilation featuring some insanely unpredictable goats.

Check out the clip at twenty-eight seconds into the video. Someone is scratching a part of the goats back, when the goat spins its entire head around. Some people say that these neck-spinning goats are something straight out of The Exorcist, and to be fair, it is pretty creepy, but it looks like this goat is just trying to see who is standing behind it.

Have a look at the next video at 0:34 seconds. Someone kicks an exercise ball at two goats, and they both run away pretty quickly, but as they are running they both go limp and fall rigidly on their sides. Apparently, fainting goats are fairly common as their muscles freeze for three seconds when they go into a panic state. For future reference, maybe don’t try to startle goats, but it definitely makes for some very entertaining clips in this compilation.

Check out the video at 4:28, where a man looks like he is in a goat milking competition. It does not seem like he is going well, but as he stands up things go from bad to worse as he tips the bucket of goat milk down his legs. This is definitely a competition this guy did not win, and looks like goat-milking isn’t his area of expertise.


Check out the rest of the video for some more goat-themed fails, from screaming goats and fainting goats, this video will definitely show you why the internet has fallen in love with these crazy animals.[mashshare]

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