Girl Shoots Beauty Video But Something Goes Wrong


The internet is full of millions of beauty tutorials, and amongst the most popular of these are hair tutorials. Tori Locklear, who was thirteen at the time, decided to contribute her own video by uploading a tutorial on how to use a curling iron.

The video starts normally as Locklear sections a piece of her hair to curl it, instructing viewers to hold the hair around the curling iron and “count to twenty, or longer”, before releasing the lock of hair. For reference, it is recommended to hold a curl for only ten seconds.

However, as Locklear releases the curl and pulls the iron away from her hair, the piece of hair she had been curling completely separates from the roots, having been burnt away entirely.

The video was posted early in 2013 and continues to grow in popularity, having received over 49 million views to this day. The teenager later appeared on The Ellen Show to discuss her viral video and unconventional hair styling techniques.


While talking to Ellen, Locklear said she believed that the curling iron had “shorted out, and gotten hotter than it was supposed to”, thereby burning away her hair.

Regardless of whether the curling iron short-circuited or not, this video could easily claim the title of one of the biggest hair tutorial fails of all time. [mashshare]

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