Friendly Farm Critters … Maybe Not!


If you’re living around animals, you’re definitely going to come to understand why so many people say that working with animals is never a good idea. Check out these farm animal fails in this compilation by FailArmy.

The first video shows some surprising strength from a regular farm animal. A reporter is crouched next to a pig when the animal decides to steal the show. The pig shoves the reporter suddenly, managing to knock the man straight of his feet. Now that’s one news blooper to make the fail wall of fame!

Have a look at the video at 1:52. This clip, recorded by a surveillance camera, shows a man holding a dog in a pretty intense fight with a chicken. The chicken appears to be pecking at his ankles as the man tries to walk around it. The chicken gets the last laugh, however, as one peck sends the man tumbling backwards, landing on his back and dropping the dog. Looks like this is one chicken not to be messed with…

Next check out the video at 2:29, showing a man holding a goat by the horns to prevent the goat from attacking. One friend says to let go of the goat, so that the animal will “leave him alone”, however doing this doesn’t go as planned. As soon as the man lets go, the goat gets onto its hind legs as the man goes into a building to escape, but the goat seems to be waiting patiently at the door until the man is ready for a fight.


Check out the rest of the video for some more crazy farm animal fails and mishaps – if one thing is for sure, these animals are a lot less predictable than you might expect.[mashshare]

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