Don’t Try These Experiments At Home … Or Anywhere Else For That Matter


Science experiments are performed every day in high schools, and when you’re working with the elements, something is bound to go wrong from time to time. Check out this compilation by Karim Mohamed, showing some of the best – or worst – documented science experiment mishaps.

Look at the clip at 24 seconds into the video, which definitely proves why safety gear should always be worn in the science labs. It looks like the teacher is attempting to somehow move a ball of fire from the end of a stick into a large plastic water container. It’s hard to tell what goes wrong, but it’s obvious that this science experiment did not go to plan. In a matter of seconds there is a huge explosion as the container bursts, throwing small fireballs all over the classroom just before the video ends.

Or check out the clip at 0:52 seconds. Two men are pouring molten liquid into a metal mould, when the mold seems to crack or explode and shoots the molten liquid all over the room – at least these scientists had the precaution of wearing gloves!

Check out the next clip at one minute into the video. It seems fairly obvious what will happen when a science teacher in a classroom shoots a large flame onto the ceiling. The flame disperses and doesn’t cause any fires, but the sprinkler system is immediately triggered, drenching the entire science lab.


Check out the science teacher at 1:32. It looks like he attempting to blow out a flame, or throw it, by making a throwing gesture. As soon as he does this, he manages to set the entire back of his shirt on fire!

If these videos don’t make it clear enough, if you’re playing with chemicals and fire, you should probably wear protective gear if you want to avoid replicating one of these insane mishaps.[mashshare]

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