Dash Cams Create Entertainment For All


Dash Cams have provided a lot of entertainment, (and tragedy), to the internet. It allows drivers to capture all of those rare moments when a driver just does something truly stupid. They have become so popular that a TV series has been made, dedicated to sharing these documented moments.

This compilation by FailArmy has collected some of the best fails caught on dash cam.

The first video is pretty unbelievable. It shows three men standing directly behind a car in a conversation, when the driver quickly reverses, completely oblivious to the three men that are standing directly behind them. Fortunately, the driver didn’t hit the men hard enough to injure any of them, but it is pretty unbelievable to think the driver didn’t see them at all.

Check out the woman at 1:10, who attempts to exit a gas station with the fuel bowser still inside the fuel pipe. She yanks the entire block of gas pumps and almost pulls off the hose completely before she realizes what she has done. That would make anyone wonder how often that actually happens at gas stations…


Or the driver at 3:18, who mounted an elevated refuge of a roundabout with no explanation as to why.

One of the funniest moments of the video occurs at 3:45, when a woman is walking outside of a building when a large tree falls almost directly on top of her as it collapses on top of rubbish bins. She nonchalantly throws something in the bin and continues on as if nothing happened.

It’s no wonder why dash cam videos have become so popular recently, as they manage to capture the classic natural fails and mishaps that people get themselves into on a daily basis.[mashshare]

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