What About Those Crazy Things Dads Do ..?


In honor of Father’s Day recently passing, FailArmy has compiled some of the best dad fails on the internet to show the times that fathers have been the cause of some absolutely crazy mishaps.

Check out the first clip of a dad trying to push his daughters in a toy car while skateboarding. This doesn’t exactly go as planned as the dad loses his balance and ends up pushing his daughters into a parked truck. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt in this minor car collision.

Or check out the clip at 43 seconds into the video to see one father’s unusual way of feeding his baby.

Next check out the video at 2:10 which shows a father swinging his son around in a hammock. Unsurprisingly he falls out and hits his head on what looks to be very hard ground. Luckily this dad had some foresight and made his son wear a helmet before being spun around.


Watch the hilarious clip at 2:41, showing a father with a beard playing peek-a-boo with his daughter. After doing this, he shaves his beard off entirely and then plays with his daughter again to surprise her with his new beard-free face. Immediately his daughter does not take the shave very well and immediately begins crying. I guess the baby did not see the fun in her father’s prank.

Finally, check out the clip at 5:49 where a father and his identical twin are playing with one of the twin’s daughters. The child is passed between the twins as she tries to figure out which one is father. It’s hard to blame the child, it seems pretty confusing for anyone.

Watch the whole video for some more crazy father fails in honor of father’s day. [mashshare]

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