Just What Are These Crazy Robots Up To?


Robots have been at the center of public interest for years as people are left to wonder how quickly robots are advancing. This video definitely won’t be showing the advancement of robots, but check out these crazy robot fails in a compilation by Complimentary Compilations.

Check out the first clip at thirty seconds into the video where a robot looks like it has been programmed to kick a soccer ball. As it (slowly) approaches the ball and the crowd waits to see what will happen, the robot unfortunately falls directly on top of the ball. It’s pretty clear that this robot won’t be replacing Ronaldo anytime soon.

Next have a look at the very strange phone case at 1:52. Someone has attached two robot arms on either side of their iPhone, and as they lay it flat on the table, these swinging arms cause the phone to look as though it is crawling. The phone crawls forward and knocks a mug off the desk just before the phone walks right off the table. That’s something crazy that you have to see to believe!

Have a look at the dangerous robotic machine at 3:09. This a machine with two huge knives for arms as it is programmed to cut up an onion – or at least attempt to. However, this seems more like a death trap than a kitchen aid as the two knives slam against the chopping board, almost completely missing the onion with every slice. Maybe technology hasn’t developed enough for this yet… stick to doing it yourself.


Check out the rest of the video for some more crazy technology mishaps and see more examples of when robots weren’t exactly as helpful as we might want them to be. [mashshare]

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