Don’t Swim During A Thunderstorm Or This Could Happen


At some point in everyone’s lives, we were told not to go swimming in a thunderstorm – this couple apparently forgot about that safety rule as they attempt to swim at a beach in Sydney, Australia in the middle of a thunderstorm. Check out the video to see another moment when science and nature took control.

The female is walking close to the water when a huge bolt of lightning strikes just inches away from her. Check out the insane sound that the lightning makes at 24 seconds into the video.

Understandably, the couple quickly decides that they did not choose the best time for a visit to the local beach.

This video went viral in 2016, gaining over 3.5 million views, but not only for the lightning.


The Australian man in the video speaks with such a thick accent the video became quite comedic, and was soon shared around the world as people tried to understand what exactly the man was trying to say. Have a look at the video and see for yourself – even some Australian’s struggled to understand what this man was saying!

This viral science video was even featured on the Discovery Channel to discuss the ways that lightning can suddenly strike as it did in this video.

Watch the video for yourself to see this crazy act of science – and even crazier accent to go along with it.[mashshare]

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