Man’s Best Friend Is Also Man’s Best Entertainment


Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend, and with that comes the inevitable entertainment that we get from some of the times that dogs do some crazy things that have luckily been caught on camera.

Check out the first clip in the video that shows a woman throwing a birthday party for her two bulldogs when one of the dogs falls very gracelessly from the park bench. Personally, I think that the real fail of this video is that of the woman who threw her dogs a birthday party…

Next have a look at the clip at 1:18 showing a dog who has managed to get a hamster ball stuck on his head – with the hamster still inside. Neither the dog or the hamster seem to be having a lot of fun in this video, but it definitely makes for a hilarious fail video.

Have a look at the dog at 2:03 showing a not-so-agile pug trying to take on a small agility course. As he gets to the last hurdle he completely falls on his face in a spectacular fail – safe to say that this pug isn’t going to be an agility champion any time soon.


From dogs making huge messes to them wiping-out in some hilarious fails, check out the rest of the clips in this compilation by FailArmy to see the times when man’s best friend has also been great, cuddly entertainers.[mashshare]

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