Just When You Thought That Cats Couldn’t Get Any More Crazy …


The internet has always had a love for cats. Whether it is a cute picture of a kitten or a video of a crazy cat, these animals have provided a lot of entertainment for the people of the internet over the years. Check out these cat clips in this compilation by FailArmy, showcasing some of the funniest and craziest felines that the internet has to offer.

Check out the first clip in the compilation, where a cat owner decides to test out a cat mask on his five cats. As soon as the owner takes a step towards the animals they immediately spring into action and run out of the room in less than a second. These cats take the phrase ‘scared-y-cat’ to a whole new level…

Next check out the clip at three minutes into the video, which is very unique in showing a ginger tabby guarding a whole loaf of bread. The owner chases after the cat, and as soon as she tries to retrieve the bread, her cat immediately begins hissing. The cat lets it’s owner drag it across the ground in an attempt to keep hold of the bread – unfortunately, this video is not in English, so it’s a little hard to make any sense of why the cat is so interested in a loaf of bread, but it sure is one of the crazier videos on the internet.

Check out the whole video to see some more crazy cat fails, from terrible jumping attempts, cat fights and other feline-related accidents. With videos like these, it’s no wonder why the internet has such a strong obsession with our feline friends.[mashshare]


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