And The Winner Is … Whoops … Wrong One


The Oscars is the biggest night of the year in Hollywood, and a lot of planning goes into the event to make sure that it runs smoothly, but sometimes there is just no avoiding little mistakes. Of course, when being watched by millions of people, little mistakes can become huge mistakes.

The 89th Academy Awards recently took place and everyone is talking about one thing – the big mistake of the wrong envelope.

The winner of each award is sealed within an envelope and revealed by the presenter(s) that award, and this year, the wrong envelope was handed to the presenters.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were presenting the biggest award of the night: The Oscar for Best Picture.


They opened the envelope and announced that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s La La Land had won the award. Crew members, producers and other cast and crew members began celebrating and took to the stage to collect the Oscar before a director of the night rushed onto the stage to announce that a mistake had been made.

He immediately said, “This is not a joke – Moonlight has won Best Picture”.

This was all caused by Warren Beatty, one of the presenters, being handed the wrong envelope. He was handed a “back-up envelope” for the Academy Award for Best Actress, which was given to Emma Stone for her performance in La La Land.

The official accountant for the Academy Awards issued a statement to apologise for the mistake, and that they are in the process of “investigating how this could have happened”, while also thanking both of the nominees for their grace in handling the situation.

No matter what the cause of the mistake was, it is clear that this will go down as an award-worthy fail.[mashshare]

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